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There are three ways to bid on an item. Bidders may use any method or combination of methods to develop their bidding strategy.

1) Absentee bidding. 2) Live bidding on the Internet. 3) Attending auction in person.

Note: First Time Visitors Must get a User ID and Password. This may be accomplished by clicking the "First Time Visitor" link on any page. After you receive your User ID and Password via Email you may leave Absentee Bids, or bid live in a Live Webcast Auction. You must Register for each auction individually by selecting the auction on the home page under the Live Auction heading and following the Registration links.

1) Absentee bids allow registered bidders to submit a confidential maximum bid on an item that will be executed on their behalf. Your bids will start at one bid increment over the current bid and will increase one increment up to your maximum bid. Should the bidding stop before your maximum bid is reached, you will be the successful bidder at the lower bid. Absentee bids can be submitted on any item at any time before it goes to the auction block for live bidding. To leave an absentee bid you must select an auction under the "Live Auction" heading, click on the item you wish to bid on, and enter your bid. You then will be prompted to enter your logon ID and password. Your bid will be confirmed via email. Absentee bids may be placed in the lower section of the live bidders' applet when the Auction is in progress. Please note the auction type you are bidding on. Click here for auction type descriptions.

2) Live bidding on the Internet.
Internet bidders may bid against the live event audience in real time as the event is taking place.
a) To participate select the auction you wish to participate in under the "Live Auction" heading. (When the auction is in progress you will see "live now" displayed as the date).
b) Enter your logon ID and password to enter the bidders' screen.
c) Bids may be submitted by clicking one of the three "Bid" Buttons on the live bidding screen. The first button on the left side is the minimum bid the Auctioneer is asking for on site. The middle bid button is the minimum asking bid plus one increment. The bid button to the right is the minimum asking bid plus two increments. Three bid buttons are provided to give Internet bidders every opportunity to get their bids into the bidding process as early as possible. For example: In the typical bidding process, when the bidding first starts on an item there are usually the most bidders participating. As the bidding advances less and less bidders are competing until there is only one, the winning bidder. Therefore an Internet bidder may have a more difficult time placing a bid in the initial moments of the bidding and a better chance as the bidding continues and less bidders are involved. The second and third bid buttons are provided for bidders that would like a better chance of getting their bids acknowledged in the initial bidding for an item. When the Auctioneer is moving at a fast pace an Internet bidder can have a better chance of getting their bid accepted by leading the auctioneer and placing a bid before the auctioneer has reached that amount. If your bid is accepted you will see your logon ID displayed in the "High Bidder" Field and the message field will display you as high bidder. If a bidder onsite is successful you will see "Floor" displayed in the "High Bidder" field. * The bidding process is fast paced. Click here for Internet bidding strategies that may offer you an advantage.

3) Attending auction in person. You may also bid by attending the auction onsite. The address where the auction is being held will be displayed under the auction title on the absentee bidding screen. When you arrive our staff will be happy to assist you.


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